Chapter 2 Acids, Bases and Salts


Examples of metals – iron, copper, aluminium , magnesium, sodium, lead, zinc and any other metal that is easily available. Metals are generally hard. The hardness varies from metal to metal. Some metals can be beaten into thin sheets. This property is called malleability. e. g – Gold and silver are the most malleable metals. …

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Preparing a soda-acid fire extinguisher

The reaction of acids with metal hydrogen carbonates is used in the fire extinguishers which produce carbon dioxide.i) Take 20 ml of sodium hydrogen carbonate (NaHCO3) solution in a wash-bottle.ii) Suspend an ignition tube containing dilute sulphuric acid in the wash-bottle.iii) Close the mouth of the wash-bottle.iv) Tilt the wash-bottle so that the acid from …

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Are the Crystals of Salts really Dry ?

Copper sulphate crystals which seem to be dry contain water of crystallisation. When we heat the crystals, this water is removed and the salt turns white.If moisten the crystals again with water, you will find that blue colour of the crystals reappears.Water of crystallisation is the fixed number of water molecules present in one formula …

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