Examples of metals – iron, copper, aluminium , magnesium, sodium, lead, zinc and any other metal that is easily available.

Metals are generally hard. The hardness varies from metal to metal.

Some metals can be beaten into thin sheets. This property is called malleability. e. g – Gold and silver are the most malleable metals.

Fig – Meallable of Gold

The ability of metals to be drawn into thin wires is called ductility. Gold is the most ductile metal. e. g – A wire of about 2 km length can be drawn from one gram of gold.

Fig – Dctile Cu metal

It is because of their malleability and ductility that metals can be given different shapes according to our needs.

Metals are good conductor of heat. some metals like Fe , Cu, Al etc , that are used for making cooking vessels.

Figure – Metals are good conductors of heat.

Metals are good conductors of heat and have high melting points.

The best conductors of heat are silver and copper. e.g – Lead and mercury are comparatively poor conductors of heat.

The best conductors of electricity . Silver is the best conductor of electricity..

Figure – Metals are good conductors of electricity

The wires that carry current in your homes have a coating of poly vinyl chloride (PVC) or a rubber-like material.
What happens when metals strike a hard surface.

The metals that produce a sound on striking a hard surface are said to be sonorous.

Fig- sonorous.

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