All acids have similar chemical properties. that all acids generate hydrogen gas on reacting with metals, so hydrogen seems to be common to all acids. All compounds containing hydrogen are acidic.

Because they are both electrolytes, acids and bases are effective electrical conductors. Ions are produced in water solutions by both bases and acids. While bases release hydroxide ions, acids release hydrogen ions (H+) (OH). Exothermic reaction occurs when an acid or base is dissolved in water.

Figure –
Acid solution in water conducts electricity

The bulb will start glowing in the case of acids. But you will observe that glucose and alcohol solutions do not conduct electricity. Glowing of the bulb indicates that there is a flow of electric current through the solution. The electric current is carried through the acidic solution by ions.

Acids contain H+ ion as cation and anion such as Cl in HCl, NO3in HNO3, SO42– in H2SO4 , CH3COO in CH3COOH. Since the cation present in acids is H+ , this suggests that acids produce hydrogen ions, H+ ( aq ) , in solution, which are responsible for their acidic properties. Repeat the same Activity using alkalis such as sodium hydroxide, calcium hydroxide, etc.

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