How do alcohols affect living beings?

Effects of consumption of Wine :

When large quantities of ethanol are consumed, it tends to slow metabolic processes and depress the central nervous system. This results in a lack of coordination, mental confusion, drowsiness, lowering of the normal inhibitions, and finally stupor.
The individual may feel relaxed without realising that his sense of judgement, sense of timing, and muscular coordination have been seriously impaired.

Effect of consumption of Aldultrated wine

Unlike ethanol, intake of methanol in very small quantities can cause death. Methanol is oxidised to methanal in the liver. Methanal reacts rapidly with the components of cells. It coagulates the protoplasm, in much the same way an egg is coagulated by cooking. Methanol also affects the optic nerve, causing blindness.

Industrial use of alcohol

Ethanol is an important industrial solvent. Common uses include cleaners, cosmetics, fuels, pharmaceuticals, textiles and much more. You’ll also find alcohols in antifreeze, solvents, dyes and inks. Almost every industry uses an alcohol-based product in some capacity.

Denatured alcohol:

To prevent the misuse of ethanol produced for industrial use, it is made unfit for drinking by adding poisonous substances like methanol to it. Dyes are also added to colour the alcohol blue so that it can be identified easily. This is called denatured alcohol.

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