What is Holozoic Nutrition?

Solution :

Holozoic nutrition is the internal preparation and ingestion of both solid and liquid food by an organism. Ingestion, digestion, absorption, assimilation, and excretion are all steps in this process.

This is when consumed food is gradually broken down into smaller organic particles by the digestive process. The process of excretion removes the unimportant and ingested particles from the body after the food and useful particles have been absorbed.

All vertebrates fall under the category of holozoic-eating animals. They are not the only animals that exhibit holozoic nutrition; other examples include some unicellular organisms like the amoeba.

Types of Holozoic Organisms

The three following categories apply to holozoic organisms:

Herbivores – Animals classified as herbivores rely on plants for their food and nutrition. Among other animals, herbivores include deer, elephants, and cows.

Carnivores – Carnivores are animals that consume, feed on, or rely on other animals as a food source. Carnivores include creatures like tigers, wolves, and lions, among others.

Omnivores – Omnivores are animals that can eat both plants and other animals to stay alive. Pigs, ants, raccoons, and cockroaches are a few examples of omnivores.

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