What is the composition of intestinal juice in humans?


Intestinal juice is a clear to pale yellow, watery secretion produced by the glands and mucous membrane lining of the small and large intestines. It contains hormones, digestive enzymes, mucus, and neutralising agents. Additionally to releasing gastrointestinal hormones into the bloodstream and neutralising hydrochloric acid from the stomach, intestinal juice also contains digestive enzymes that aid in food absorption and digestion. Under the influence of hormones, the vagus nerve, and mechanical stimulation brought on by the presence of food, intestinal juice is secreted.

composition of intestinal juice in humans

i) lactase

ii) maltase

iii) sucrase

iv) peptidase

v) erepsin,

vi) enterokinase,

vii) amylase

viii) Mucus

ix ) lipases

x) Nucleases etc.

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