What is the role of HCl in digestion?


HCl in the stomach :-

Hydrochloric acid is referred to as HCl.
Different gastric juices are secreted by the gastric glands during digestion.
Gastric glands also secrete hydrochloric acid in addition to these gastric juices.
Hydrochloric acid is secreted during digestion as a result of parietal cells being activated.

Role of HCl in Stomach :-

i) The pH of the stomach tends to drop between 1.5 and 3 due to the release of hydrochloric acid in the stomach. Food makes acidic.
ii) To prevent microbial diseases, this acidic environment is necessary for microbial digestion.
iii) Since the environment is acidic, killing the micro-organism.
iv) Additionally, it aids in food particle digestion.
v) To activate pepsinogen to active pepsin. Pepsin breaks down proteins in the stomach.
vi) The stomach’s hydrochloric acid is also necessary for the absorption of vitamin B12.
vii) Additionally, RBCs and nervous tissues require vitamin B12 to function and be maintained.

viii) Breakdone the wall of Bolus.

ix) Prorennin converted into active rennin in milk-feeding babies.

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