Write the digestion in Amoeba or, the nutrition process in Amoeba.

Solution :

The digestion in Amoeba

The process by which holozoic nutrition occurs in amoebas, a unicellular organism, is broken down below.

Ingetion The amoeba first projects its pseudopodia to encircle the food, and then it engages in phagocytosis to engulf the food.

Digestion: In this huge molecule of the food is broken down into simpler smaller molecules, more easily-digestible components by the amoeba food vacuoles, by the action of rich in digestive enzymes.

Absorption : The undigested materials are then left behind as the cytoplasm absorbs the food that has already been digested.

Assimilation Digested absorbed useful molecules in the whole cytoplasm of Amoeba, On the other hand, the food that has already been absorbed is further used to produce energy that ultimately aids in the development and growth of the cell.

Egestion : The final stage of holozoic nutrition in an amoeba is the rupture of the cell membrane, which allows the excretion of unwanted and undigested food components.

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