Carolus Linnaeus (Karl von Linne)

Carl Linnaeus (1707-1778)

Carolus Linnaeus (Karl von Linne) was born in Sweden and was a doctor by professsion. He was interested in the study of plants. At the age of 22, he published his first paper on plants. While serving as a personal physician of a wealthy government official, he studied the diversity of plants
in his employer’s garden. Later, he published 14 papers and also brought out the famous book Systema Naturae from which all fundamental taxonomical researches have taken off. His system of classification was a simple scheme for arranging plants so as to be able to identify them again.

Animals & BirdsScientific Names
LionPanthera leo
ElephantElephas maximus
Wild AssEquus africanus asinus
Leopard or pantherPanthera pardus

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