Caulophyryne jordani
(Angler fish)
Synchiropus splendidus
(Mandarin fish)
Pterois volitans
(Lion fish)

Scoliodon (Dog fish)

Sting ray

( A) Pisces

Electric ray (Torpedo)

These are fish. They are exclusively aquatic animals. Their skin is covered with scales/ plates. They obtain oxygen dissolved in water by using gills. The body is streamlined, and a muscular tail is used for movement. They are cold-blooded and their hearts have only two chambers, unlike the four that humans have.
They lay eggs. We can think of many kinds of fish, some with skeletons made entirely of cartilage, such as sharks, and some with a skeleton made of both bone and cartilage, such as tuna or rohu.

Fig – Anabas (Climbing perch)
Fig – Labeo rohita (Rohu)
Fig – Male Hippocampus
(Sea horse)
Fig – Exocoetus (Flying fish)

Figure – (B): Pisces

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