Application of Newtons second law of Motion

Newton’s second law of motion is applied when there is unbalanced force acting on an object. In this case, unbalanced force means that the object is subjected to a force that is not zero. The more precise second law of motion is frequently applied to determine.

Kicking a Football: A football kicker directs force in a specific direction. The force he applies to the football as he kicks it increases along with its distance travelled.

How much force does a boy need to exert on a 100-gram ball in order to kick it with an acceleration of 10 m/s2? Using the second law of thermodynamics, F = m a, you can quickly determine the answer: F = 0.1 kg m s-2 = 1 N. Therefore, a 1 N force is needed.

Pushing a Cart: If a boy pushes a 10 kg grocery cart with a force of 98 N, as shown in the image, at what rate of acceleration will the cart begin to move? Once more, the formula for the second law can be used to calculate acceleration. The cart will therefore accelerate at a 9.8 ms-2 rate.

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