With reference to Harappan Cluture, answer the following question: (a). Discuss brinfly the indigenous origin of the Harappan Civilisation. (b). Describe the extent of the civilisation. (C). Name any four cities of the Harappan Civilisation and a singnificant feature of each city.

(a). These historians found some marked similarities between the pre-Harappan and proto-Harappan cultures at kot Diji, Amri and Kalibangan in terms of granary, defensive walls and long distance trade in these settelments, From this historians concluded that the Harappan Civilisation evolved from these agricultural communities.

(b). The harappan culture covered parts of punjab, Hariyana, sindh, Baluchistan, Gujrat,rajasthan and the fringes of Western Uttar Pradesh, Consequent to the partition of India,the main centres of civiisation, i.e., Harappa, Mohanjo-daro, Chanhudaro and Sutkagendor are now in pakistan. The largent sites of the Harappan Civilisation however, are Mohanjo-daro,harapp,Kalibangan and Lothal.

(c). 1.punjab,2. Hariyana,3. sindh,4. Baluchistan

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