with reference to the sources of information about the Harappan civilization answer the following:(a)Three significant features of the great bath. (b)Social classification of Harappans as pointed out by the citadels. (c). Religion of the Harappans as depicted by the seals.

(a). The construction o the great bath indicates that the art of building had reached a high degree of perfection at that time

The massive structure points out that there might have existed a ruling class that could mobilize labor, collects taxes, and builds such a huge structure for the public.

The design of the great bath portrays the efficient planning of the structural features relating to water supply and stage disposal.

(b). The citadel points to the elaborate planning that went into the development of cities and justifies that the Harappan civilization was an urban civilization.

The presence of specific buildings and houses of the ruling class indicates some sort of political organization and social classification.

(c). the seals used by the Harappan show their artistic skill. about 2000 seals have been discovered. Of these, a great majority comprise short inscriptions with pictures of the one-horned bull, buffalo, tiger, goat, elephant, and rhinoceros. The material used in making the seals comprise terracotta, agate, etc.

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